It's done! WOW! That was quicker than launching a NEW pattern, that is for sure! AND yes....many of you guessed correctly that for me, the best part about revamping this pattern, compared to launching a new one, was that I didn't have to NAME it! Congrats to Sam, Melody and Allison who all one a copy of the Snazzy Slouch pattern (or their choice of another pattern) just for entering into my fun little competition! Features: The Snazzy Slouch is... Read more

DRUMROLL PLEASE! I know everyone is anxious to see who the winners are BUT please NOTE: If you are a winner, you will need to email Janelle so she can forward your email address on to the sponsors so they can deliver their prize to you! So without any further babble from me, here they are - 1st on left, 2nd in middle, 3rd on right: January winners judged by Daniar from the Fat Quarter Shop Bag Pattern - by... Read more

This year has been a whole TON of fun and there's been a mountain of wonderful creations entered into the Flickr Group! As I am sure you can imagine, it was a MAMMOTH task just to narrow the entries down to the 10 finalists for each month! TOUGH to choose indeed......BUT...we did it and today I want to share with you a sneak peek! So here are the 10 finalists for each month, which are not in any particular order... Read more

So yes, I have been busy re-vamping the Snazzy Slouch pattern to bring it into line with my newer patterns. So, like my newer patterns, it will have BOTH the cutting measurements (where possible) AND pattern pieces provided. PLUS it will now have a Table of Contents and check boxes to make following your cutting instructions easier. I've also made a few other small corrections/improvements to the pattern. AND of course, I've made it up in some nice new fabrics!... Read more

Well the last couple of months have been very busy for me! Have you been to my new website? Pretty neat, don't you think? My favourite new feature is that you will now be able to create a free account which will keep a record for you, of all your pattern purchases made via the new site. That way anytime in the future, you will be able to login and retrieve your pattern files any time you need to! How... Read more

All I can say here is that designing is EASY PEASY compared to picking names! LOL I so do NOT like the job. Normally I pass the buck to my daughter to choose the winning name BUT she has been otherwise occupied and too busy so I had to do it after 3 hours of deliberating and google checking, I have chosen......DRUMROLL...... Pick A Pocket Wallet! The name was actually suggested twice so the prize will have to go... Read more

It's hard for me to get my head around the fact that another 6 months of the Bag Club is almost over! I guess that means we will soon be on the countdown to Christmas! YIKES! Let's have a look: Each pattern will be available separately in their designers shop, on or after the 1st of July. You do have one last chance to grab all 6 patterns for the low price of $40. That's a saving of around $15.00... Read more

A lot of you already know I have been busy with another wallet pattern. Well today it's time for a sneak peak AND, like usual, I find naming things the most difficult I will need your help with that! First, let's have a look: FEATURES: The Wallet features a zippered coin section, three slip pockets for notes or receipts, a phone pocket, an ID window and your choice of 12 card slots or 4 card slots and another zipper... Read more

YES! At last it is my turn to show you my contribution as "Miss June" for the Bag of the Month Club (Yes you can still join! Click here!) This year I decided to offer something a little bit different - A Wallet! I have had a lot of FUN as well as a little bit of hair pulling designing this wallet BUT I am happy to say I really love using my "Penny Inn" and I hope you will... Read more

Have you seen the new rage taking the bag world by storm? Metal corners! These add a special finishing touch which simply looks fabulous on lots of different bags....(Hint - Watch for my June Bag of the Month Club design to see how I have used them!) Krista They can be a little tricky to apply IF you are not familiar with a few simple tricks. So Krista, one of my pattern testers extraordinaire, is sharing her tips and tricks... Read more

Looking for a new project? Why not join in the Bella sew along running NOW until the 28th June in my Facebook group HERE! Not a member of our Facebook group yet? You can join HERE! The sew along runs from NOW until the 28th of June. Not only do you get to sew along with a whole bunch of wonderful people working on the same project BUT you also get to enter your completed bag into a competition to... Read more

If you have been procrastinating on making up your Serendipity Hip, NOW is the time to DO IT! :) The sew along runs from April 25th to May 18th and it's all happening at the ChrisW Designs Facebook group where not only do you get to sew along with a whole bunch of wonderful people working on the same project BUT you also get to enter your completed bag into a competition to WIN prizes too! How cool is that?... Read more